AlternativeSoft Web

Data Warehousing

  • Direct data feeds from HFR, Eurekahedge, HFM, Preqin, Barclayhedge and Morningstar
  • Automatically download & update returns
  • Create custom fund universes using multiple sources

Fund Screens & Searches

  • Search the fund universe using 3000 different statistics and information fields
  • Instantly identify the best funds for each strategy
  • Statistical comparisons and rankings

Peer Group Analysis

  • Compare one fund with up to 10,000 others
  • Benchmark the performance of a fund against its Peer Group
  • Identify & track top performers in each Peer Group

Funds Fact Sheet

  • Automatic generation of fund fact sheets
  • One-click download in PDF format
  • Flexible & customisable with user-defined statistics and charts