Fund of Funds Software

Fund of Funds Software

Keep track of your hedge / mutual fund with the tools of a professional fund allocator. with AlternativeSoft’s innovative, market-leading quantitative analytics, the first choice of some of the world’s largest, most successful financial institutions. .

AlternativeSoft offers valuable insight into how funds managers’ funds are being perceived by end fund allocators. Our award winning investment software solutions will assist you in creating your fact sheet and peer group of your fund.

Through the use of our cutting edge analytical software and the latest, most relevant statistics, AlternativeSoft identifies the funds that have started to outperform their peer groups, highlighting opportunities for potential funds allocators through well timed, individually tailored reports.

Our groundbreaking software helps you to gain an understanding of how some of the industry’s best asset and funds’ allocators assess hedge / mutual fund performance against peer groups and industry benchmarks.

Fund of Funds Investments

Select funds and data to analyse from our vast database of 30,000 hedge funds and 400,000 mutual funds then use it to create highly detailed, fully customisable funds’ factsheets that serve to illuminate the relevant statistics of outperforming funds’. Once you have performed the necessary analysis and comparisons, you will be able to select the Fund of Funds that has the greatest performance and meets your investment goals.

Fund of Hedge Funds Software

Whether your investment goals are long term or short term, our Fund of Hedge Funds software assists you in selecting the best combination of products from the world’s leading fund managers. Choose the Fund of Hedge Funds that offers you the right level of exposure to the Hedge Fund industry whilst helping you diversify away from the risks associated with investing in a single Hedge Fund.

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Fund Analysis

Detailed Fund Analysis

Our innovative software ensures your multi-manager team monitor the best hedge / mutual funds on the market. Whether monitoring freshly launched funds or benchmarking your established funds against peer groups, AlternativeSoft has created the most comprehensive fund and securities analysis tool available on the market.

  • Statistical Analysis: Statistical Analysis: Calculate periodic returns and expense ratios. Alpha, beta, correlation, Value-at-Risk, exponential volatility, CUSUM, bias ratio or outperformance.
  • Peer Group Analysis: Benchmark your fund against up to 10,000 hedge funds or mutual funds’ peer groups. Create your own peer groups. Use HFRI, Eurekahedge, HFM or Morningstar Indices constituents to fully comprehend outperformance.
  • Fund Search: Select specific statistics and screen 430,000 funds simultaneously to quickly find the best funds for your company and affiliated investors.

Customized Reporting

Fully Customisable Reporting

AlternativeSoft’s user friendly, flexible fund reporting software and very own Excel API makes all of that stressful, difficult-to-compile reporting a thing of the past, enabling rapid recreation of any statistical analysis needed to ensure the service your company provides stands out from your competitors within the same market.

  • Excel API: Ultra flexible, easy to use and fully customisable, featuring hundreds of financial statistics.
  • Automated ReportsFund Fact Sheet:: Fully automate the production and scheduling of your company and your own funds’ factsheets.
  • Fund Fact Sheet Templates: Utilise our wide choice of free fund fact sheet templates. Automate the creation of your own time saving, bespoke templates. Create portfolio reports, peer groups reports, exposure analysis, expense ratio analysis, and portfolio stress test reports.
Programatic API

Programmatic web API: Python, C# or Rest API

Export any fund returns, any of our 1,000 statistics, rolling statistics, and peer grouping. Use this data with open source or in-house libraries for more complex, detailed and precise in-house analysis.

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