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Highlights of our Portfolio Management Module

  • Used by the 5 of the 10 largest investors in hedge funds on the planet.
  • Free support, free customized fact sheets, and free installation.
  • Much faster than all our software competitors.
  • Best risk portfolio software awards in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011.

Portfolio Management with Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds

Middle Office

  1. Trading:
    • Trade status: proposed trade -> committee approved trade -> executed trade -> Reconciled trade
    • Equalisation, series, and share classes

  2. Pre-trades compliance:
    • Do we have the cash to do that new trade?
    • Does it break the strategy rules with this new trade?
    • When am I allowed to generate that new redemption due to lockup and redemption period?

  3. Liquidity:
    • Notice period, redemption period, gates at investor, and fund levels, soft and hard lockups
    • When do we receive the cash when we sell?
    • Will the cash be locked for some months (encumbered cash)?
    • How much cash will we have in 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months for potential redemptions or assets subscriptions. View positions in asset values in monetary amounts or as percentages in daily or monthly frequencies.
    • Liquid (unencumbered cash) and illiquid cash (encumbered cash) in graphical and table formats.

  4. Dividends:
    • Linked to stocks and funds.
    • Ability to define Cash inflows / outflows, Stock Dividends, and additional fees through our trade blotter or using Excel / .xml imports.

  5. Private equity fund trades:
    • Private equity fund transactions will automatically record contributions and distributions in the cash table based on the pre-set PE accounting rules for the said fund.
    • Future contributions and distributions will be aggregated with the existing cash to compute if cash will be positive or negative in the near future.
    • Ability to combine hedge fund investments with private equity fund investments.


  • Ability to export to Excel, portfolio time series net or gross, portfolio statistics (2,000 statistics), portfolio liquidity, and fund time series.


  • Link to all manjor fund databases including Morningstar, Bloomberg, and Refinitiv.
  • Fund data collection services available. Ability to extract data from PDF and Excel files.
  • Link to custodians to import portfolio weights.

IT infrastructure

  • User rights to define who has the right to perform a trade or to enter data.
  • Audit trail capabilities.
  • Different rights to hedge funds for different employees in the company.
  • Speed: extremely fast vs other software competitors.
  • Available on Microsoft SQL database or Amazon WS.

For the Analysts

  • Data exported with an Excel API
  • 2,500 statistics
  • Portfolio-what-if: See the effect of a new trade.
  • Portfolio volatility, beta, correlation, and Value-at-Risk decomposition.

For the Portfolio Managers

  • Pre-trade compliances.
  • Portfolio fact sheets.
  • Portfolio return attribution
    1. By positions, sectors, currencies, and strategies.
    2. Brinson portfolio return attribution model.
    3. Intraday trades supported by the Return Attribution model.
  • Portfolio risk analysis: portfolio time series, correlation matrix, trades, return attribution, portfolio liquidity, positions in monetary amounts or percentages, and more exported in Excel with our Excel API.
  • Fees from administrators or custodians.
  • Trades performance.

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The AlternativeSoft platform is an intuitive application that is additive to our portfolio construction and risk monitoring processes. Further, the AlternativeSoft support team has been very helpful in supporting our implementation and on-going use of the software.

Aberdeen Asset Management

Head of Risk Management
AlternativeSoft is a practical and user friendly tool used as part of our portfolio construction and risk management process. Their extensive support and responsiveness provides added value.


Co-head, Risk Management and Portfolio Construction
From statistical analysis on a single hedge fund, screening the investment universe, peer group analysis, FoHF portfolio construction to risk analysis and stress testing, AlternativeSoft is one of the most effective, intuitive, and efficient tools I have handled.

BNP Paribas

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