For Hedge Fund Investors

The Best Software to select the Best Hedge Funds

Data Aggregation

  • Store any daily, weekly or monthly returns data in AlternativeSoft and easily share with a wider team
  • Direct data feeds from Bloomberg, HFR, Eurekahedge, HFM, Preqin, Barclayhedge and Albourne
  • XML Import for in-house databases
  • Automatically download & update returns
  • Create custom fund universes using multiple sources

Fund Selection

  • Screen & search to build customised Peer Groups and Watchlists using over 3000 statistics and information fields
  • Compare similar funds and identify top performers using Peer Group Analysis
  • Separate a manager’s alpha from alternative betas
  • Track and verify fund styles and sensitivity to economic factors
  • Record and analyse exposure weights and return attribution

Portfolio Construction

  • Industry-leading Portfolio Optimization using 9 different Risk Measures, including MVaR, CVaR and Black Litterman
  • Manually adjust and compare portfolio allocation changes side-by-side to verify subscription & redemption decisions
  • Perform ‘what if’ scenario analysis and Stress Test a portfolio in extreme market conditions

Portfolio Management

  • Compute daily, weekly or monthly portfolio returns after management and performance fees
  • Track and analyse portfolio liquidity, redemption periods and fees
  • Return attribution analysis to separate allocation, selection and interaction effects. View the profits and losses on each trade


  • Excel API for easy and customisable reporting
  • Over 30 free templates provided
  • Free white-labelled template