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AlternativeSoft Database Update

Over the years since our investment platform software’s conception, AlternativeSoft has continued to build and enhance a strong reputation in the hedge fund industry.

Internationally recognised for not only providing the most comprehensive set of award winning tools for portfolio construction and risk management available to professional investors, our team further always ensures that there is a considerably vast number of consistently updated hedge funds and mutual funds available for our new clients and ongoing patrons to choose from, compare with, and analyse.

With over ten leading hedge fund databases at your disposal, truly thorough global hedge fund research and analysis can be performed by fund managers and institutional investors alike, helping to further understanding of the market and market data as a whole

Alternativesoft’s investment platform software, trusted by many as the fastest and most far reaching investment platform available on the market for use by investment professionals, offers the rare ability to compare a colossal number of hedge funds simultaneously from any of the ten hedge fund databases available. Performing this task quickly, let alone at all, is not possible on many other platforms or with other investment service providers, which is one of the main reasons why global investment specialists and financial institutions such as Kedge Capital, Alliance Bernstein and Vontobel have remained patrons of our award winning software and dedicated 24hr support service.

The perfect set of tools for professional investors, hedge fund managers or global fund managers of any kind, our regularly updated hedge fund databases cover all used strategies ranging from event-driven to relative value, arbitrage to macro, CTA/Managed Futures to multi-strategy. With over 400,000 mutual funds and 30,000 hedge funds from right across the globe to compare, analyse and choose from, you can be as certain as is humanly possible that you will have a great opportunity to select exactly the right hedge funds for your portfolio, your company, your investment strategy, and your short/long term investment goals.

Hedge Fund Reporting & Risk Management

AlternativeSoft provides highly detailed and extensive Hedge Fund Reporting that also plays a highly influential role in our Hedge Fund Risk Management services.

Utilising our hedge fund database of leading hedge fund databases, the latest market intelligence and the five most regularly used and main statistical indicators of portfolio theory (Alpha, Beta, Standard Deviation, R-squared, & Sharpe ratio), our software assists professional investors and fund managers in rapidly compiling meticulously detailed reports with consummate ease, presenting all the relevant data as determined on hedge fund risk, hedge fund performance attribution, and the necessary risk information for prudent asset allocation.

Subsequently, these fully customisable and highly detailed reports, along with our award winning risk management software and comprehensive fund selection tools, will help investors and fund managers easily identify, fully analyse and sensibly prioritise risks, further allowing the patrons of our software and dedicated support service to stress test portfolios in historical context and compare the selected funds to the relevant indices.

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