How to Increase your AUM?

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  • Excel API: Flexible, easy to use and infinitely customisable (with hundreds of functions available.)
  • Automated Reports: Schedule and automate up to 100 reports at once.
  • Templates: Automate the creation of bespoke templates to facilitate the production of fact sheets, portfolio reports, fund peer group analysis, exposure analysis and stress testing. (Over 50 free templates provided covering fact sheets, portfolio reports, fund peer group analysis, exposure analysis and stress testing.)

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AlternativeSoft software review by Francois Braut from Stenham Advisors Plc

After winning the Hedgeweek best risk management solutions award for 2020 we decided to get some feedback on our software solutions from Francois Braut who is the Head of Risk Management and Quantitative Research at Stenham Advisors Plc.

During the interview we asked Francois a number of questions to better understand why Stenham Advisors use our solutions for Fund Selection and Portfolio Construction and to find out if they would recommend AlternativeSoft.

AlternativeSoft software review by Hamad Ebrahim

We invited former client Hamad Ebrahim into our offices to discuss the reasons why he decided to use our software for over a decade, and to discuss some of the features that he found most useful.

Database features for hedge fund software

Search any Long Only US Small Caps, European Value Caps Fund or Macro Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds Peer Grouping with Excel Easily

AlternativeSoft Desktop Software

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