Stenham Asset Management

"We have been using AlternativeSoft's software solution since 2011. The software helps us to perform regression analysis to extract alpha from our hedge funds potential investments and create portfolio whatif proposals for our clients and to generate easy to use, customised hedge funds fact sheets."

"AlternativeSoft's software solution is one of the most easiest softwares for portfolio whatif and customised fund fact sheets that I have ever handled."

Francois Braut
Head of Risk Management and Quantitative Research


Crossbow, Switzerland

“AlternativeSoft has become an integral part of our investment process thanks to its extensive quantitative tools for hedge fund analysis and its flexible portfolio construction and risk management modules. In addition, client support is very responsive and efficient.”

David Friche

AllianceBernstein, United States

“AlternativeSoft is a practical and user friendly tool used as part of our portfolio construction and risk management process. Their extensive support and responsiveness provides added value.”

Vikas Kapoor
Risk Management and Portfolio Construction

Aberdeen Asset Management, United States

"AlternativeSoft streamlines many useful performance based analytics including portfolio optimization, peer evaluation, and relative analyses."

Greg Strassberg
Head of Risk Management
Aberdeen Asset Management


“In Unigestion, we started using AlternativeSoft in Januray 2016. We currently are extending our licenses from our alternative team to our long only team The capabilities and improvements delivered by AlternativeSoft give us confidence that AlternativeSoft is here to help us”

Michael Belpaire
Strategy Analyst
Vice President

BNP Paribas Capital Partners, France

“From statistical analysis on a single hedge fund, screening the investment universe, peer group analysis, FoHF portfolio construction to risks analysis and stress testing, AlternativeSoft is one of the most effective, intuitive, and efficient tool I have handled.”

Giuliano Rajabally CFA
Senior Fund Manager
Hedge Fund Solutions

Lyxor, France, United States, Japan

"Lyxor has utilized AlternativeSoft since January 2012. The software was selected on the basis of its rich quantitative features. The software has a user friendly interface which is complimented by highly qualified quantitative support from London."

Groupe Société Générale

Raiffeisen Capital Management, Austria

AlternativeSoft provides a user-friendly, powerful tool for asset allocators that takes into account higher moments of distributions.”

Alexander Toth
Fund Manager
Multi Asset Strategies

Kedge Capital, London

“AlternativeSoft is the only company that provides serious quantitative solutions dedicated to serious hedge fund investing. This makes it the ideal partner to apply the techniques described in “Hedge funds: Quantitative Insights”.

François-Serge Lhabitant PhD
Head of Research, Kedge Capital
Professor of Finance, HEC Lausanne & Edhec

Novartis, Switzerland

"The AlternativeSoft platform is a helpful addition to the set of tools available to a hedge fund allocator, for both building portfolios and managing their risks. Moreover, the quantitative support available strengthens the service offering."

Marc Buhlig
Portfolio Manager

Momentum, South Africa

"A solid investment process combines both qualitative and quantitative inputs from fund selection to portfolio construction. We found in AlternativeSoft the skills to build customized solutions."

Kris Adams CFA
Portfolio Manager
Fund of Hedge Funds - Alternative Investments

Vontobel Bank, Switzerland

"The AlternativeSoft platform is a helpful addition to the set of tools available to a hedge fund allocator, for both idea generation and idea testing. Moreover, the use of academic models in the platform fits well with our investment process."

Edhec-Risk, France

"The AlternativeSoft platform is a useful quantitative tool for portfolio construction with hedge funds. The information needed to minimize the losses associated with extreme risk is clearly displayed, making the process easier."

Noël Amenc
Professor of Finance at Edhec
Director of the Edhec Risk and Asset Management Research Centre

Tavistock Wealth Ltd

“AlternativeSoft has a great portfolio optimization facility, allowing us to segment our portfolios, create custom constraints and define our own risk parameters. The resulting risk adjusted portfolios have been tested in the market and given us the desired results.”

Christopher Peel
Chief Investment Officer

VP Fund Solutions

“We have been using AlternativeSoft since years. It is a powerful tool helping us to construct robust and well performing Hedge fund’s portfolios. We also like AlternativeSoft’s extensive and responsive support and that they constantly add features and improve the product.”

Ralf Konrad
Member of Executive Management

Voyager Management

"We have been using AlternativeSoft since late 2013. Compared with our prior, well known analytics software vendor, the program was much more intuitive, easier to use and provided greater breadth of analytics and monitoring options. In addition, the software is equipped with tools to help with scoring/ranking and monitoring, which other analytics solutions often lack. It’s as wide as it is deep in its ability to compute fund and portfolio level analytics, limited only by one’s own ability to incorporate it’s many tools. Most importantly, and despite the long distance between California and London, we’ve had nothing but exceptional service and attention to our every request, no matter the time of day. I’ve been equally impressed by senior management’s visits to our office to better understanding our needs and issues with use of their software in an effort to improve and develop new tools, such as the recently launched 13F monitor, exposure monitor and dynamic portfolio construction modules. Alternativesoft has become an indispensable tool for our organization."

Nour Doud

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